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Since 2023, BigParking has been the Official parking provider for Aston Villa on Matchday's, also using the land for Concerts and Events at Villa Park.


Whilst there is onsite parking, this is limited and available by permit only.


BigParking's safe and secure offsite parking locations can be pre-booked online or over the phone from £10 at or by calling 024 7538 6631


Villa Park is a football stadium in Aston, Birmingham. Home to Premier League football team Aston Villa, it boasts an impressive seating capacity of 42,640. Typicially 3,000 tickets are allocated for Away Fans.


Located less than a mile from both Witton and Aston railway stations, Villa Park has hosted a massive array of sixteen England international matches, with the first dating back to 1899 and the most recent in 2005. Notably, the Stadium holds the esteemed record of hosting 55 FA Cup semi-finals, making it the 10th largest Stadium in England.


Villa Park has hosted a diverse range of events, including concerts, boxing matches, as well as international rugby league and rugby union fixtures. In 1999, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup final graced Villa Park's hallowed grounds, while in 2012, it proudly hosted the FA Community Shield, stepping in for Wembley Stadium during the Olympic football tournament final.

  • Two Million cars parked
  • Over One Hundred Communities supported
  • UK and EU Operational area

Attending a match or concert at Villa Park?
Here's all the Travel and Safety information you need to know!

Driving to Villa ParkDue to it's central location in the UK, proximity to the M6 and Aston Expressway as well as extensive parking options - many people attending events at Villa Park choose to drive, not risking public transport delays on trains.

Parking at Villa ParkOfficial Safe and Secure Offsite parking for Villa Park can be found at three local locations; Y International (£10), Deykin Avenue School (£10) and King Edwards VI School Aston (£15). Operated in a collaboration between parking provider BigParking and Aston Villa, these car parks open three hours before kick off and close an hour after the final whistle.

Park at Y InternationalPopular with Home and Away fans for it's accessibility to the M6 and Aston Expressway, the BigParking site at Y International is the largest Official offsite car park for Aston Villa

It's Located a Short walk from Villa Park past 3 great pubs; The Aston Inn, The Aston Tavern and the Famous Holte Pub. There are numerous Burger vans, Programme Sellers and Merchandise Peddlars on the quick walk to Villa park.

There is plenty to see on the approach to Villa Park, which is just under a 10 minute walk away. The Aston Tavern, the Aston Inn, and the Holte pub are among the popular pubs you will pass. In addition, there are burger vans, programme sellers and other meal options available.

Parking costs £10 per car and can be pre-booked at

Park at Kings Edward VI School AstonThis is the closest Official offsite car park for those attending Events at Villa Park. After just a short walk through the beautiful grounds of Aston Hall, fans and concert goers will arrive in front of the Holte pub and the famous steps of the Holte End.

Parking costs £15 per car and can be pre-booked at

Park at Deykin AvenueParking for matches at Aston Villa can be pre-booked at Deykin Avenue Primary school. This car park is favoured by Away fans visiting Villa Park, located just a short walk to the Away Turnstiles. 

For those looking to grab a bite to eat before the games the short walk to the stadium takes you past plenty of highly rated fast food takeaways. 

For those looking to grab a bite to eat before the game, there are plenty of highly rated fast food takeaways that you will pass as well as the designated pub for Away supporters - the Witton Arms.

Parking costs £10 per car and can be pre-booked at

Food and Drink PricesInside Villa Park, a pint of lager is around £5.25 and a pie will cost a visiting fan £3.60. There are plenty of food and drink outlets both inside and surrounding the Stadium.

Getting the Train to Villa ParkVilla park is situated between Aston and Witton Train stations. Although the train offers easy access from the City Centre, the rail infrastructure was not designed for football traffic. Particularly on Sundays, people often choose to walk 3 miles to the City Centre instead of using the busy trains.

Frequently Asked Questions about Villa Park

Where is the best place to park at Villa Park?The best place to park at Villa Park is any of the sites operated by BigParking. Parking can be booked at

Where is the traffic exclusion zone in Villa Park?
To promote pedestrian safety, a traffic exclusion zone (TEZ) is imposed around Villa Park on matchday's to exclude vehicles on Witton Lane from the junction with Aston Hall Road to the traffic island at Witton Road, and Trinity Road between Nelson Road and Witton Lane.

The zone is in operation 90 minutes prior to kick off to approximately 30-60 minutes after the final whistle. The precise timing is dependent upon traffic and pedestrian movement on the affected roads.

Residents only parking zones are in operation on matchday's. Aston Villa strongly advise all supporters to use Official car parks such as to avoid parking in residential areas. You will avoid parking fines of £60 which you will incur for parking in within the residents’ zones.

Where to park on Aston Villa Matchday's?Spectators are advised to park in Official Club car parks to avoid fines, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the area. Leaving your car somewhere Safe and Secure means you can enjoy the full match experience, without worrying about parking hassle.

Can you park at Aston Villa?
Onsite parking is limited to permit holders only. Visiting fans are encouraged to book Official offsite parking at

What time do the players arrive at Villa Park?Typically players arrive at the players car park opposite the club shop around ninety minutes before kickoff.

Can you use cash at Villa Park?Villa Park is a Cashless Stadium

How many people can Villa Park hold?Villa Park has a capacity of 42,640. Typically 3,000 tickets are allocated for Away Fans.

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