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I have land near an Event Location and I'm interested in extra revenue from Parking

If you are exploring using your land for Matchday or Event parking to gain extra revenue or just to provide more parking for your event attendees - you'll be in safe hands with BigParking.

Parking may seem like a simple task and you might be tempted to try it for yourself first, but we offer a way to save yourself investing a lot of time and energy into the venture.  

Not only does car parking create additional and often unseen operational challenges, promoting the parking can be a challenge in itself.

Whether you are just looking to 'rent' out your land near a Stadium, or an Event organiser looking for a fully managed parking solution - you'd see value from booking a short call with our team. 

Putting Parking revenue back into the Community

BigParking takes a community-driven approach to parking. Where possible, we seek to source land on a profit-share arrangement.

Our experienced land team will consider the proximity of sites to the event location, ensuring a fantastic attendee experience as well as where best an agreement which can benefit the local community. 

Throughout the years BigParking has been operating, we have driven hundreds of thousands of pounds in vital additional revenue for Community Centres, Schools and Small Businesses with land suitable for parking near large event venues. 

Safety and Security

Each car parking location is fully manned for attendee and vehicle security. All vehicles are 'waved in' using our own ANPR technology. Not only does this enable faster entry into the car parks, but also allows Landholders, Event organisers and ourselves an extra layer of security due to increased information availability about Event attendees' vehicles. 

Responsible Operators

We ensure that the land is returned to the landholder in the same condition as we found it. This will include an extensive litter pick and for appropriate high volume sites; the installation of temporary toilet facilities and/or lighting to prevent anti-social behaviour. 

Working with BigParking

We only employ the best, most diligent and customer-focused staff to ensure parking is done correctly and effectively. Each of our land holders and Event Partners are introduced to a designated Account Manager.

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